(Hollywood Reporter) As “Battleship” steams towards a start date this month, the pricey adaptation of the Hasbro board game is entering deep, treacherous waters.

With a budget of $200 million (£128.3 million) or more and no major movie stars on board, the Universal project is raising eyebrows among industry insiders who question whether the expensive gamble will pay off when the film comes out in 2012.

“It’s a big bet like many, many big bets from many studios,” Universal chairman Adam Fogelson told The Hollywood Reporter. “We will be nowhere near the high point and nowhere near the low point of what people are spending.”

(Source: femalefirst.co.uk) Steven Spielberg believes that there are too many special effects in cinema today.

The director has hit out at CGI fuelled movies and believes that these techniques are being used just for the sake of it.

In an interview with Empire magazine the director said: There’s so many tools we have now in the tool shed and it’s just a matter of individual choice of how we use these tools.

“I frankly think that special effects are becoming too special. There are too many special effects in all these movies today.

(Source: TheWrap.com) The guy who wrote “Puff the Magic Dragon” says that 2D cinema is dead.

Ordinarily, the opinion of a one-hit songwriter might not matter much in the world of entertainment technology – but in this case, the songwriter who penned the lyrics to Peter, Paul and Mary’s classic at the age of 19 also happens to be the so-called father of 3D cinema, and the closest thing to a rock star that the field has to offer.

How to break in as a Hollywood concept artist: Artists share their secrets

(Source: i09) Working as a concept artist is one of the coolest careers you could possibly imagine. You get to paint pictures of spaceships and heroic battles, and imagine strange new worlds. How can you get in on this action?

We asked a ton of our favorite Hollywood concept artists for their advice on breaking in, and they offered some helpful tips. But don’t get your hopes up: It’s harder to break in than ever before. Says Miles Teves (Iron Man, Terminator Salvation):

(Source: TheFilmStage.com) The Playlist brings us some news on the highly anticipated film, Gravity. The film will start shooting this summer and star Robert Downey Jr. and be directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men). Downey Jr. will start shooting but will have to leave halfway through to go shoot Sherlock Holmes 2 for director Guy Ritchie.Furthermore, we also learn that the film will be made up of CGI, or at least 60% of it will be. This could lead to a very interesting film in terms of visuals, especially with Cuaron behind the lens.

(Source: AP) Federal regulators on Monday allowed a new online exchange to proceed to trade future box-office receipts for movies.

A divided Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved the proposed futures contracts for the new Trend Exchange. That means the movie futures trading can proceed; it is expected to begin sometime in the third quarter.

Major Hollywood studios strongly oppose the idea. They say rival studios could sabotage films by betting against them.

In giving its approval, the CFTC said it found that box-office receipts fit the law’s definition of a commodity, that the Trend Exchange contracts aren’t “readily susceptible” to manipulation, and they provide a way of managing risk.

Jim Morris, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Production at Pixar Animation Studios, will give one of the keynote presentations at SIGGRAPH 2010.

At Pixar since 2005, Morris has worked as a producer and production executive in the motion picture industry for more than 23 years. As part of Pixar’s executive team, he has served as production executive on many of Pixar’s most successful films including “Ratatouiile”, “Up”, and the upcoming “Toy Story 3”. In 2009, he produced Disney•Pixar’s highly acclaimed, “WALL•E”, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and garnered him the Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures from the Producer’s Guild of America. He is currently producing Disney’s much anticipated “John Carter of Mars,” which is scheduled for release in 2012.

(Source: animationxpress.com) Lucasfilm Singapore had recently been to India and the good news is that they are working on a top secret CGI feature film project. And the buck does not stop here there is more, Lucasfilm Singapore is hiring extensively from all over the world! Animation Xpress Asia Pacific’s Amrita Valecha caught up with Heather Brown, Recruiter, Lucasfilm Singapore to know more about the global talent Lucasfilm Singapore is looking for.

What is the kind of talent are you looking for and what is the response you have got at this expo?

(Source: geek.com) 3D modelling can be something done for free using an application like Blender, but that’s more of a general-use modelling package. Sculptris on the other hand, is a new solution aimed specifically at painters and sculptors.

If you’ve ever used Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, MudBox, or ZBrush, then I urge you to take a look at completely free to use Sculptris. It’s the work of one man going by the name of Tomas Pettersson. In his own words he explains its creation:

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