Upcoming movie tie-in Beowulf will feature a virtual naked representation of Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie.

Beowulf the game, which is set to arrive on European shores some time in November, is based on the fully computer generated movie of the same name, starring CGI versions of Ray Winstone as Beowulf and Angelina Jolie as Grendel’s temptress mother.

In an interview with Pro-G, Beowulf’s narrative designer Gabrielle Shrager revealed that there was “no way around” including nudity in the game, which has been awarded a 15 rating by the BBFC.

She said: “There is much sexual innuendo in the game, because the faustian character who is Grendel’s mother goes about getting you to sign the dirty deal with her by using her extremely tempting body. So you have that aspect of it and there’s definitely no way around it. It’s a very, very important part of it.”

One of Beowulf’s main features is a constant battle to resist Grendel’s mother’s charms, as well as your Carnal Fury power, given to you by her early in the game. Shrager revealed that while you’ll earn kudos for resisting Grendel’s mother, ultimately you will give in to her.

Shrager told Pro-G: “There’s a feminist twist to it because she’s using all of her feminine wiles to say ‘look how easily I can wrap you around my finger’. What’s great about it is that in the game you can resist that. You’re going to fail! But at the end of the day you can struggle for it and you’ll get kudos. You’ll get heroic points for it depending how long you last. It can be very, very difficult. So, you’ll be pretty surprised to see the desires, who are her minions or her clones, these very sexy tentacular, jellyfish-like naked women who will come in and crawl all over you.”

When asked if Beowulf was the first appearance of a virtual naked Angelina Jolie Shrager said: “The naked virtual version of Angelina Jolie exists in the movie. She symbolises everything that’s gold and glorious. She has these scintillating gold shaders moving up and down her body, which we were able to reproduce for the game too. So it’s quite sexy.”

While Winstone, Anthony Hopkins (King Hrothgar), Brendan Gleeson (Wiglaf) and Sebastien Roche (Wulfgar) have all lent their voices and likeness to the game, Shrager told Pro-G that Jolie’s voice is absent because of scheduling problems.

Shrager said: “Angelina was billed to play the voice in the game as she does in the movie. At the time we had scheduling problems. At the time that we recorded the other actors we were unable to get her into the studio. Since we are in the south of France and we had had to go to California to do it, it became rather complicated. So she was not able to join the cast. Although it would have been a nice thing. At the end of the day it’s not her body!”

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