(If I could put this under a double WTF category, I would)

Filmmaker George Lucas is urging schools to include his Indiana Jones films in their syllabi, as he strongly believes that his movies may serve as a potential educational tool in the classroom.

Referring to the difficulties faced by children in understanding history nowadays, Lucas expressed hopes that ‘The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume One’ would help improve pupils’ intellect.

“History for most kids starts with the release of Transformers. There’s just no concept of the last century whatsoever,” Contactmusic quoted Rick McCallum, Lucas’ producing partner on Young Indiana Jones, as saying.

“Kids aren’t even aware of World War II. They think the Germans were our allies and Martians were the bad guys.” Lucas added.

He hopes that schools will include his films in their curricula soon.

“Hopefully, it’ll be used in schools. It’s a very fun way to introduce young people to historical events in the beginning of the 20th century,” Lucas said.

Source:  dailyindia.com

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