American producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is also the co-founder of DreamWorks SKG, was kicked out of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York after a tiff with a staff member.

Katzenberg, who is partners with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, was trying to get himself in a good position to better hear his cell phone conversation as the staff tried to work around him, reports The bar owner tried to request Katzenberg to move out of the way but Katzenberg reacted badly.

‘He started shaking his finger and yelling, ‘Who the (bleep) are you? Do you know who I am?’ and then got into a shoving match with (Cooper),’ said a source.

Katzenberg was then escorted out of the hotel in front of a shocked crowd.

However, a spokesperson for Geffen said: ‘There were some brief heated words. They both apologised and that was the end of it. Both parties got overheated.’

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