Lucas was on “GMA” interviewed by Diane Sawyer Friday talking about the DVD relase of “Young Indiana Jones”. It was being pumped as an educational tool for teachers although it is avaliable to the general public. Aside from the episodes, viewers can see documentaries that give more detailed historical information based on a person or event from each episode.

“Young Indiana Jones” was something of a Prequel to the “Indy” films; although there is one episode (towards the end of the series) that starred Harrison Ford as “Indy”. Fans might be interested in that because it was post-”Indy III” and therefore the last time, until the upcoming film, that Ford actually portrayed Jones.

Sawyer mentioned the new “Indy” film to which Lucas gave a lengthy explaination and then wrapped it up by saying: “It’s exactly like the other films, except completely different”.

Lucas admitted that Jones (Harrison Ford) is his age and that “we’re into ‘Old Power’ now.” He said Indiana Jones would have “aches and pains” in this movie (but if you remember, he did in “Raiders” back in 1981).

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