Legendary Pics/Bryan Singer’s crowd don’t even know whether they’re going to make the movie yet – don’t believe the ‘we’re still on schedule’ spiel; it isn’t true, Warner Bros is still a little cautious to continue the series so it’s on indefinite hold– so its rash in the least to be talking Superman Returns 2 casting rumors, but this is a fun bit of gossip, so lets throw it out there.

According to an ‘untested’ source of Aint it Cool News, Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in the original “Superman” movies, may be reprising his role for the next movie – yep, all these years later. (Thankfully, the film isn’t a prequel to those original movies – or they’d need a hefty CGI budget). There has been talk of Zod appearing in the next film – Jude Law was mentioned at one stage – but it’s the first we’ve heard that Stamp might be asked to reprise the role.

There might be something to this – you see, Bryan Singer is currently working with Stamp on the movie “Valkyrie” and it wouldn’t at all be surprising to hear that Singer and Stamp have talked “Superman” on-set since it’s a property they’ve both been a part of. Still, it’d also be a pretty easy rumour for someone to make up….

Let’s see how this pans out.

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