LipSync Post has announced that it is to invest approximately £500,000 to expand its successful VFX department, following a sustained increase in demand for its film post-production services. The investment will acquire and equip a 6,800 ft² premises in Wardour Street, London, which will be connected via SohoNet to LipSync’s main building, also in Wardour Street. Recent high-profile films that have undergone the LipSync treatment include United 93, 28 Weeks Later, 1408 and Stardust.

“We are very proud of what Stefan Drury and his team have achieved in a very short space of time and, since we like to reward success with investment, we are providing a future-proof VFX environment which will allow for further expansion over the next few years,” said Jon Diamond, Managing Director for the LipSync Group of Companies.

The new building will house a new Isilon 13Tb server plus several additional Linux Workstations running Apple’s Shake and Autodesk’s Maya, bringing the total number of systems in the department to 28. LipSync’s award-winning creative agencies, LipSync Creative and Synchronicity, which specialise in film trailer production, TV and radio campaigns, DVD special features, promo materials and corporate communications, will also be moving to the new building.

Stefan Drury, LipSync’s Head of VFX, said: “It has been an exciting two years – we have gone from conceptualising and building a department from scratch to working on some of the top films that have been released in the past 18 months. This expansion plan is simply fantastic and, with the high calibre of staff we have attracted, we are now well placed to take on larger scale projects.”

The new investment will build on the major impact that LipSync is making on film post-production in the UK; in the last month alone it has won several full post contracts for feature films, supplying DI, VFX and audio post services.

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