Roger Kenny sends word that one of the best web-based games for the iPhone, Battlefleet, has been updated. Not only is there a new splash page (quoting an eminent Mac gaming scholar– ahem), but Roger has set up an “iPhone Entrance,” a “Web Browser” entrance (which, strangely enough, didn’t work right in Firefox for me– I had to play the iPhone version in my browser, which worked fine), and an “Internet Explorer Exit.” Very nice.

In game, there are some good updates, too– most notably in the Options menu, you can now switch sides and play as either Red or Blue. Unfortunately, still no multiplayer play yet, but last time we posted the game, Roger mentioned in the comments that multiplayer was as forthcoming as he could make it. Meanwhile, the game plays just as smoothly as before, and faithfully recreates the BattleShip experience.

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