Despite how little effect it is having and how it widens the gap between the music manufacturers and consumers, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is carrying on with its ridiculous fight against illegal downloading with the release of 403 new pre-litigation settlement letters to 22 different universities inform them of a forthcoming copyright infringement lawsuit against its students or personnel. Among hr universities are Arizona State University, University Of Massachusetts and University Of Wisconsin.

This wave marks the eighth time the RIAA has issued such threats on behalf of the major record companies over the past three and a half years.

They call legal action against students “unfortunate but necessary”….hey, sort of like what many say about the war in Iraq!

But not everyone thinks the RIAA is doing such great work.

“RIAA is definitely missing the point on what’s going on with illegal downloading. They aren’t exploring the reasons why so many students download music this way,” says Nate Honoré, general manager at WSUW Whitewater, one of the schools at the top of the list. “Who can afford [buying CDs] anymore, especially with rising cost in tuition? These pre-litigation letters are not the solution to this so-called ‘problem.’ Can so many people be wrong about this?”

Well, again, using the war analogy…YES, so many people can be wrong! Have we not learned anything from the last decade, people? Do not question your government or they will come after you like stormtroopers of death in the night! RUN!!!

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