(Source: animationxpress.com) Lucasfilm Singapore had recently been to India and the good news is that they are working on a top secret CGI feature film project. And the buck does not stop here there is more, Lucasfilm Singapore is hiring extensively from all over the world! Animation Xpress Asia Pacific’s Amrita Valecha caught up with Heather Brown, Recruiter, Lucasfilm Singapore to know more about the global talent Lucasfilm Singapore is looking for.

What is the kind of talent are you looking for and what is the response you have got at this expo?

Given our expansion plans for the next couple of years we are really covering all kind of talent. We are recruiting for a very big project and recruiting up in the order of the production cycle starting with modelers, textures, riggers and moving on to animators, lighting and compositing artists. Right now we are hiring extensively in modeling and rigging and texturing and once those departments are filled, we will move on to the next department. The response has been crazy. If you speak to 500 people and you find 5, it is totally worth it. Finding amazing talent is always such a joy. We have seen some artists already whose work we are very happy sharing with our team back in Singapore.

Lucas has always hired from India, how has your response been and which other regions are you looking at?

India is a great source of talent for us. Indian industry is matured as compared to other industries in other regions. Also what is fantastic about Indian artists is their command of English language, so in terms of their integration in the studio it is always a very positive experience. We do have a lot of Malaysians in the studio as well and quite a few Koreans. That is the best thing about Singapore; it is such a great mix of talent of all over the world. The studio has got over 40 nationalities, that’s one of the exciting things for an Indian artist that you are going to come to an international environment where your learning from people from different backgrounds, cultures, you wont just learn more about the world, but you would learn more about yourself on how you work best with different cultures and also the energy and the excitement that all the different cultures bring to the work place.

It is really very hard to describe how fantastic the Lucasfilm Singapore environment is. Singapore is such an exciting place to work. We are working on new international projects all the time. For a long time people thought that Lucasfilm Singapore is just the Clone War studio but it is more,at Industrial Light and Magic we did nearly 200 shots on Iron Man too and to have that kind of caliber to do work for such a project is such a privilege and a great opportunity for an artist to work in Singapore.

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