(Source: blackbookmag.com) Early ‘Wolfman’ Reviews Don’t Bode Well for ‘Captain America’ Marvel’s upcoming Captain America movie is currently casting, but we’re still trying to figure out what the they were thinking by entrusting their last wide-appeal franchise to a director like Joe Johnston. He’s a hack, albeit one who usually gets the benefit of a big budget. His movies—The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III, Hidalgo—are all spectacle, no spirit. So when Johnston took over The Wolfman from Mark Romanek (director of One Hour Photo and a genuine artist with authentically dark sensibilities ), we hoped against hope that Johnston would be able make that movie into the Gothic terror it was meant to be, and not a soulless CGI showcase. Well guess what, he didn’t, and Wolfman’s shabby reviews should have Marvel shitting in their spandex.

The coup that directors like Chris Nolan, Sam Raimi and Jon Favreau scored with their respective superhero franchises was achieving a fine balance between the fantasy and real life elements. We know that already. It’s a benchmark that must be met. But look what The Observer says about Wolfman: “The direction by Joe Johnston sacrifices originality for computer graphics and stop-motion camera trick.” That’s a fatal mistake, and could sink a movie like Captain America.

Another requirement of triumphant comic book-to-movie adaptations is a filmmaker’s ability to remain faithful to a character’s iconic status while adding their own, original flourishes. That’s essentially the task Johnston had with The Wolfman, and according to Emanuel Levy, he failed: The Wolfman “may go down in history as another failed effort to reboot an iconic work.”

As we mentioned earlier, Johnston is already deep into casting. He wants to cast an unknown in the lead, a decision that backfired on Bryan Singer and Superman Returns. Marvel won’t derail such a massive project and fire Johnston based on some mediocre Wolfman reviews, but they might want to consider giving Christopher Nolan a call.

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