(Source: Awn.com) The Previsualization Society, a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization dedicated to advancing previsualization (“previs”) in feature film, games, commercials and architecture, has gone live this month, with membership applications now formally being accepted and an online portal newly active on the Web.  The initiatives are part of a ramp-up of activities for the Previsualization Society’s inaugural year and are key steps in the group’s mission of cultivating a community of knowledge and information around the previs process. Both initiatives are being launched on www.previssociety.com.

Official “Call for Membership”
The Previsualization Society is pleased to be expanding a membership that already includes a diverse cross-section of more than 300 charter members from around the entertainment industry.  For the 2010 membership cycle, applications have been opened at the following levels:  Previs Professional (full memberships for credentialed previs artists and supervisors); Associate (full memberships for industry professionals working in conjunction with previs); Educator (full memberships for accredited teachers and instructors); Student (full memberships for currently enrolled students); General (limited memberships for those interested in previs but outside of the previs industry).

Memberships provide tiered privileges and access to society documents, materials, information, forums and events.  Company memberships and sponsorships are also offered.  Visit the Membership Section of the Previsualization Society website for full membership requirements, benefits details and to immediately apply.

Full article: Awn.com

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