(Source: Variety.com) Another Hollywood name is taking aim at the vidgame world.

Oscar-winning visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues Studios is teaming with Japan’s Brosta TV to create new intellectual properties for the global gaming market. One of the first areas the partnership intends to focus on is the mobile game market.

The first products are expected to be introduced this spring and will blend eastern and western styles in an attempt to appeal to a global audience.

Beyond mobile games, the partnership will also look to expand into books, graphic novels and — eventually — film and TV.

Traditional media content providers have shown a growing interest in the mobile gaming space, which has been driven by the success of the iPhone, but the Brosta/R&H teaming is the first formal partnership that will go after the market.

The partnership also hopes to expand into the social networking game space (i.e. Facebook), which is also experiencing rapid growth.

R&H is no stranger to the gaming world. The company has worked with EA on its “Sims” franchise as well as with Activision Blizzard on the “Guitar Hero” titles.

Its film credits include Oscar-winning “The Golden Compass”

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