(Source: denofgeek.com) We’ve not included the sequels that are lined up for before the end of the summer, so there’s no Iron Man 2 or Toy Story 3 in here. We’ve ruled out outright reboots too, hence no Spider-Man.

But there’s still a lot to talk about…

300 2

Zack Snyder revealed last year that Frank Miller was working on an idea to the huge hit 300, As Snyder told MTV, “There’s something that happens in history between Leonidas dying at the Hot Gates and Platea. That’s a year that’s left out of the [original] movie. A lot happened.” And that seems to be the focal point for the eventual sequel. It’s still in development right now, though.

Alien 5

This one is more going to be a prequel than sequel, and it’s currently held up in development to a degree. Ridley Scott is being linked with a return to the director’s chair too, although the noise on that more comes from 20th Century Fox than Scott himself. Carl Rinsch, a newcomer and commercials director, was down to direct (although that seems unlikely now), but news on the project has been limited over the past six months or so.

Fox will, no doubt, be keen to see how its Predator sequel does this summer before fully committing to a new Alien movie, though. Expect its fate to be resolved one way or the other at some point this year.

Avatar 2

James Cameron is sitting on top of the world with Avatar right now, and he’s publicly declared that he’s looking into one or two sequels. He says that he held back on some story elements with the original film, and wouldn’t want to not make use of all the work that went into creating the world of Pandora again. He’s not committing to any time scales on the project, but if he’s using what’s already been set up technically, it should be a bit quicker this time round…

Bourne 4

A project that’s pretty much guaranteed to happen, but there’s a bit of politics going on at the moment. Director Paul Greengrass has quit the movie (he directed Supremacy and Ultimatum), and without him on board, Matt Damon has declared that he’s not interested in doing the film. Some suggest that Greengrass has been having disagreements with Universal, which should get ironed out allowing him back for a fourth Jason Bourne adventure. 2012 would be the likely date for it if it’s going ahead.

Bruce Vs Frankenstein

Effectively a sequel to his earlier starring vehicle, My Name Is Bruce, Bruce Vs Frankenstein’s basic story is laid out in its title. Bruce Campbell will, of course, be starring, and the shoot is set for the back end of the year. Expect a release in 2011.

Cars 2

Pixar looks to extend the merchandising power of what’s turned out to be its most profitable picture when all revenues are taken into account. As such Cars 2: World Grand Prix will be arriving in the summer of 2011, and will see Lightning McQueen and Mater travelling the way as they go about their racing duties. The latest concept art for it is here.

The Chronicles Of Riddick 2

We thought that Riddick had died a cinematic death with the last film, but we’re not averse to a third adventure for Vin Diesel’s character if it matches the quality of the original, Pitch Black. The project is reported to be in pre-production at the moment, with David Twohy believed to be interested in returning to the director’s chair (and taking on screenplay duties). 2012 is the mooted release date.

Cloverfield 2

A sequel that’s still on the slate, but all JJ Abrams has had to say about Cloverfield2 of late is that he and director Matt Reeves are working on something. A second film that’s very likely to happen, but we’d be loathed to put a timeframe on it. Mainly because we don’t know.

Dark Knight Sequel

There’s definitely going to be a new Batman film, and all the key cast members are back for a third go since Christopher Nolan rebooted the franchise with Batman Begins. It’s Nolan’s own involvement that’s up in the air, with the hope and general expectation being that he’ll commit once he’s done with his new sci-fi film, Inception, due this summer. 2012 is the earliest we’ll see it, but Warner Bros may take its time…

District 9

It’s unclear yet whether it’ll be a sequel or prequel to 2009’s surprise smash hit that’ll be arriving, but director Neill Blomkamp is certainly interested in returning. It won’t be his next project, but his leaning thus far appears to be towards a prequel story. Given the amount of money and profit film one made, we’d suggest a new District 9 adventure is pretty much a certainty.

Evil Dead IV

We know this is a film on Sam Raimi’s radar, as he’s revealed that he’s gradually been chipping away at a script for it for a good few years now. And now that he’s free of Spider-Man duties, its chances of going before the cameras sooner rather than later have increased. The wise money still suggests that Raimi will opt for Warcraft first, and then Evil Dead IV could well be next in line.

Ghostbusters 3

Ivan Reitman is returning to direct the long-mooted third Ghostbusters film, which is set to go before the cameras before the year is out. The plan is to have a new, younger collection of Ghostbusters ready to go into action, with the older crowd – and thus the returning Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver et al – schooling them in the ways of the bust. No release date has been mooted by Sony yet – summer 2011 may be a little too ambitious, but don’t rule it out. And if you want a potential story spoiler, click here…

Ghost Rider 2

It’s slow going, but the sequel to Ghost Rider is still going through the Hollywood machine. David S Goyer has delivered a fresh outline to Sony, who will be keen to get moving on a project lest it surrenders the rights back to the Disney-owned Marvel. Nicolas Cage is believed to be keen to return, but the film is looking unlikely to arrive before 2012.

G.I. Joe 2

You might not have liked it (and Duncan, as he proved in his rant, certainly didn’t), but G.I. Joe still made a lot of money, and Paramount is keen to fast track a sequel. Don’t expect director Stephen Sommers to return (rumours suggest it was not a happy ship first time around), but do expect a screenplay from Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Paramount will want the film in cinemas for 2012 at the very latest.

Gremlins 3D

Hmmm. It’s only a rumour at this stage, albeit a strong one. Warner Bros has reportedly put into production a third Gremlins movie, with the onus on 3D. We’d expect 3D Gremlins too. There’s no word on who exactly is developing the film, nor a timescale for the project. Just a fear in the pit of our stomachs. Here’s the news we have on the project so far.

Hancock 2

A film that’s set to sit in the development queue for star Will Smith and director Peter Berg for a good while yet. Both have said they’re up for making the film, but Berg is currently making Battleship for Universal, and Smith is juggling several projects. Don’t be surprised if we’re kept waiting until 2013, but do expect more Jason Bateman when it finally arrives. Charlize Theron is set to return, too.

Happy Feet 2

Lots more dancing penguins are on the way, with the currently in production sequel to Happy Feet. The new film will be in 3D, and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have already been confirmed for voicing duties. George Miller is again directing, while he also works on Mad Max 4 (which we’re coming to shortly). The release date is set for 18th November 2011.

I Am Legend 2

Most Will Smith films seem to get linked to sequels, with rumours still surrounding a follow-up to I, Robot still doing the rounds. I Am Legend is more likely, though, with talk being about whether to set the next story before or after the first film. The first film was a huge hit, and we’d suspect that the prequel is the more likely and obvious route for a second movie…


That really is Roland Emmerich’s preferred title if he can get his planned sequel to Independence Day off the ground. He was talking about the film during the promotion for his hit flick 2012, and Emmerich has plans to make two sequels to his mid-90s blockbuster. Emmerich hasn’t got a script ready yet (hasn’t stopped him before! Boom boom!), but said that Will Smith will definitely be involved. It will also definitely be Earth-based, rather than heading off into outer space.

Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and George Lucas are all reported to be keen to eek one more adventure out of the Indy franchise before we all rumble just how underwhelming the last one was. The stumbling block is currently George Lucas, who’s currently trying to work out a story that everyone is happy with. Once he’s cracked that, Indy 5 will be on its way. Our guess is that summer 2012 is a fair bet. Time, after all, is not on their side. If they need some help, here’s are list of five requirements for the next film.

Iron Man 3

The second Iron Man film arrives on May 7th, but all concerned are locked in for at least one more outing, which we’d wager will be turning up around May 2012…

Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D 2

Interesting one, this. The first Journey (which was itself a remake) pretty much sold off the back of its 3D technology, back when 3D wasn’t as prevalent as it is now (i.e. a year ago). Most seemed to agree it was a fairly crappy film, but it still crept over the $100m mark in the US, and a follow-up is in development, with the option on it being taken up. Might we suggest it’ll need to work a lot harder now that it doesn’t have a novelty in its corner, however?

Jurassic Park 4

And Jurassic Park 5 and 6 too, if director Joe Johnston gets his way. He recently confirmed that plans were still afoot for a fourth Jurassic Park movie, which he also revealed would mark the beginning of a new planned trilogy of dino adventures. Details are light though at the moment, and Johnston is busy with Captain America for the time being. 2013 would probably be about right if the project is to come together.

Kick-Ass 2

The first film doesn’t come out until April, but the early word on it – including from ourselves (“Hit-girl is going to make the Daily Mail shit kittens”) – is nothing less than sensational at the moment. It’s going to take something really special now for it not to be the comic book movie of the year. And it’s already been confirmed that a sequel will definitely be happening. Director Matthew Vaughn, talking to MTV back in September, said, “We don’t want to sound too cocky, but we know this is good .It didn’t cost that much money to make. There will definitely be another one.” Expect it to take two to three years to come to fruition.

Kung Fu Panda 2

This one’s already well into production, and will be arriving next year. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman have signed up for voicing duties, and the film has a title too: Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom Of Doom. Splendid.

Lemony Snicket 2

Here’s one we’d love to see. We can’t see Jim Carrey necessarily returning – he’s not done a sequel since Batman Forever/Ace Ventura 2 – yet director Brad Siberling is still keen to do a new Lemony Snicket film. Rightly so, too. He told CineFools last year that “I would love nothing more than to do that and we’ve been hoping to, so I think there will be a chance it may take a wildly different form but I think it will probably happen.” Watch this space…

Madagascar 3

DreamWorks is bringing the animals back for a third adventure, and it’ll be arriving in 2012. Eric Darnell is returning to direct, having helmed the first two films (and made the far superior Antz – can we have a sequel to that instead?).

Mad Max 4

George Miller is hard at work on a fourth Mad Max film, which won’t be featuring Mel Gibson, not even in a cameo role. Instead, Mad Max: Fury Road will feature Tom Hardy in the lead role, and Teresa Palmer has joined the cast (replacing Charlize Theron, who was originally on-board the project). Pre-production work has begun, ahead of a release on June 9th 2011.

Men In Black 3

Sony is keen to get a third Men In Black outing before the cameras this year, with the idea being to pass the baton on to some degree. As such, Josh Brolin has been linked with the project, and Will Smith is a cert to return as well. Tommy Lee Jones? He should be back, but we couldn’t say for definite. Etan Cohen, the writer of Tropic Thunder, is working on the screenplay, and it’s unclear as of yet whether Barry Sonnenfeld will be back to helm the third film. Sony wants to get this one in cinemas for the summer of 2011, though.

Here’s hoping it comes to fruition, with Charles Grodin back on board too….

Mission: Impossible 4

Ignore the rumours and suggestions that Tom Cruise is being replaced by Brad Pitt on the Mission: Impossible franchise. The plan is still very much to have Mr Cruise front and centre of the fourth MI adventure, which is currently at the outline stage. JJ Abrams is involved again, after helming the third movie, but we’d be surprised if he could fit in directing this time around. Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec (who wrote for Abrams’ Alias TV show) are working on the script. A 2012 release date is possible.

Monsters Inc 2

Pixar is looking to bring one of its biggest hits – and characters – back to the screen with a sequel to Monsters Inc. The film is pencilled in for 2012, but it’s not clear yet who’s directing. Pete Docter, who helmed the original, won’t be steering the ship this time, having moved on to a different project within Pixar. No formal announcement has been forthcoming on the film from the firm yet, but it’s understood that ideas are being bandied around for it.

National Treasure 3

Once they’re done with this summer’s The Sorceror’s Apprentice, Nicolas Cage and director Jon Turteltaub are likely to turn their attentions to a third outing in the utterly implausible but still fun National Treasure series. The summer of 2012 is looking primed for it from here, and the project is currently at the outline stage.

Night At The Museum 3

Script work has begun on a third Night At The Museum film, unsurprising given the commercial success of the second. Thomas Lennon, co-writer of the first two films, has hinted that work is underway on the story, although as of yet, there’s no timescale known for the film.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Johnny Depp is back aboard, and Rob Marshall is taking the helm for the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean. This one has a bit of a reboot feel to it, with most of the cast of the first three films being tossed overboard. It’s shooting in Hawaii this summer, ahead of a release in May 2011. And pleasingly, it seems that most of our requests for the next film are being followed.

Sherlock Holmes 2

Even before the first film hit big – as it did last Christmas, albeit in the shadow of Avatar – Warner Bros had got script work started on a Sherlock Holmes sequel. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are both locked back in to return, and rumours abound that Brad Pitt will be appearing as Moriarty. Kieran and Michele Mulroney are working on a script, and a Christmas 2011 release date is being targeted. It seems that Guy Ritchie will be returning behind the camera, too.

Sin City 2

Hopefully, Robert Rodriguez will find room on his slate soon for this eagerly-awaited follow-up to his superb 2005 hit. Frank Miller is again involved as you might hope (although whether he will direct part of it again after having his fingers burned with The Spirit remains to be seen), and Rodriguez will be plucking another collection of stories from Sin City to form the sequel. A Sin City 3 is also mooted.

Star Trek 2 (or 12, depending on your preference)

June 29th 2012 will see the USS Enterprise and its crew of returning cast members beaming back onto cinema screens. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are again penning the script, with the emphasis more on a villain story this time around. JJ Abrams is expected to direct again. We might even get Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan…

The Thing

The follow-up to The Thing is going to be a prequel story that’s being directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. Shooting on the film starts in the spring, and we guess we’re looking at a release date in 2011, unless it proves to be a very swift production and they try and sneak it out before the end of the year.

Transformers 3

You know the drill. Michael Bay. Big robots. Shia LaBeouf. Megan Fox. Lots of cash. Summer 2011. Ker-ching.

Trick ‘R Treat 2

Trick ‘R Treat is slowly turning into something of a video hit, with it generating really impressive word of mouth from those who managed to find it, in spite of it being buried in the DVD release schedules. Writer-director Michael Dougherty is working on ideas for a welcome sequel, although the green light remains in the hands of the bean counters. Might be worth picking up a copy of the original if you haven’t already…

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

It’s unconfirmed as of yet whether the final Twilight book is going to be cut into two films or if it’ll stay as one, but the cast and crew will be heading off to Vancouver by the end of the year to film the last novel in the series. Summit Entertainment is likely to go with a two-film approach if it can work everyone’s deal, and the first part should be ready for Christmas 2011 at the latest.

Twister 2

A tentative one, this, based on an idea that Bill Paxton has been pushing. Twister was a perfectly functional one-off effects fest, most notorious for its flying cow. Now, with the advent of 3D technology (and, more importantly, the amount of money Avatar is bringing in from 3D screenings), there could well be fresh appetite for a Twister follow-up. The new film would be based on the Tri-State tornado of 1925. Producer Kathleen Kennedy is believed to be mulling over the idea.

Underworld 4

This one’s even got a firm release date: 21st January 2011 (although, of course, release dates can and do change). The fourth Underworld adventure is rumoured to bring Kate Beckinsale back to the series, with Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy also in line to return. No word yet on who’s going to be directing, though.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

Robert Zemeckis has added a follow up to his mid-80s mix of animation and live action to his slate. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 won’t be his next film, though, as he’s opted to press ahead with his Yellow Submarine remake instead. However, he’s still keen to do a Rabbit 2 using the same kind of performance capture technology that’s sat at the heart of his last three films (most recently A Christmas Carol). Christopher Lloyd told us that he’s keen to return, but the earliest we’ll get this one is 2013, we’d imagine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2

A far more promising proposition than the original deathly serious origins film we got, Wolverine 2 will, hopefully, allow the title character to actually have a bit more fun. That said, he’s heading off to Japan to train with a Samurai warrior, based on one of the most popular comic book storylines for the character. The film is currently being written by Christopher McQuarrie (who has done uncredited script work on earlier X-Men films), and Hugh Jackman will be returning too. Don’t expect director Gavin Hood to be behind the camera again, though. The film is out in 2012.

XXx: The Return Of Xander Cage

Vin Diesel skipped the last xXxfilm, the fairly poor State Of The Union, but as his career continues to falter, he’s reportedly keen to return to the role of Xander Cage in a third movie. Director Rob Cohen won’t be back this time, though, with the director’s chair instead being handed to Ericson Core, who previously helmed The Prodigy and Invincible. Production is planned for this year, ahead of a 2011 release.

Zombieland 2

One of the cinematic treats of 2009 was the marvellous horror comedy Zombieland, which ached for a sequel. Sony stuttered for a while, citing movie piracy as the reason for its reticence, but it’s now greenlit a fresh Zombieland adventure. Ruben Fleischer will return to direct, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are back on-board with scripting duties, and both Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson are expected to reprise their roles. No word yet on when it’ll go before the cameras, though…

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