(Source: IGN UK) The man behind the Lord of the Rings is apparently spending all his time playing Modern Warfare II these days, rather than watching movies.

In an interview with Aint It Cool news, the bearded filmmaker said: “It’s a great game. I’m enjoying these games more than I am enjoying films at the moment.”

“They are using a lot of the film techniques now, especially the cinematic areas or those little movie things,” he said. “They are starting to really blend them in and you get the feeling that you are watching substantial bits of pre-recorded animation which is still great, though, because they are dynamic and done well. They didn’t used to be done very well in the old days, but there are people that actually know what they are doing.”

Jackson is already involved in game versions of Tintin – which he is co-directing with Steven Spielberg and The Hobbit, but said that in the future he would want to develop original game ideas.

“I’ve got ideas that could be a movie or they could be a game. I think that they should do that, rather than just make a movie and then do a spin-off game. I think some of the ideas I’ve got I’d rather do them as a standalone game, because that world is getting more and more interesting.”

Finally for those who are interested, Jackson has not yet unlocked the ‘Echo’ missions on MW2’s ridiculously tough ‘Spec Ops’ mode.

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