(Source: The Hobbit Header) Earlier this month we posted about the fact that the casting for the upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit was starting. Producer Peter Jackson said they were casting the net wide to find actors and actresses for the various different roles, including the key one of the titular hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.

Contrary to previous reports of Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis being confirmed to return as Lord Elrond and Smeagol/Gollum respectively, apparently they aren’t offering ANY of the roles to anyone automatically until they’ve done a full casting search. The exception to that is Ian McKellen as Gandalf, who has officially been confirmed as coming back.

There’s still no word on casting beyond McKellen, but I imagine with the production start date of mid-2010 that’ll change quite quickly. And to move things along, it appears that casting for The Hobbit is turning to YOU, the average fan. Coming from TheOneRing.net and The Noldor Blog, applications are now being accepted to be an extra and there’s even an address given if you’re interested.

The Hobbit Films

But before you break out your hobbit, dwarf or elf costume and starting firing out an application of your own, there are a few rules:

* The first and probably the most important is you need to be able to work in New Zealand, meaning you need to have an NZ tax number. Now you can either be a registered citizen of the country, or have a temporary visa to work there which lasts through the entire shoot of The Hobbit. Also, NZ law states that local actors from within the country must be hired before oversees people are brought in unless the latter can perform some sort of task locals can’t (i.e. principal actors etc). Basically that means you’ve got a much better shot if you’re reading this as a citizen of New Zealand.
* Only physical mail is accepted, i.e. no fax or e-mail.
* You have to provide a full headshot as well as a full body shot, both with you facing forward (an obvious one, no?).
* You must include your return address with your application so that if they choose you they can send a followup application asking for more specifics e.g. height, weight, clothes size etc.
* Lastly, they do NOT want to hear which roles you think you would be best for or which one you’d like to play (e.g. an elf, dwarf, hobbit). If you follow the previous steps, they will have your photo and bodyshot and THEY will decide which extra role they want you for :P .

Sound good? Are you interested? Can you handle all that’s listed above? If the answer’s “yes” then here’s the postal address you need (remember, you need to send physical mail!) to apply for The Hobbit:

Hobbit Extras Application
3 Foot 7 Limited
PO Box 15104
Wellington 6243

After that, all you can do is wait. Don’t be offended if you never hear back from them, it’s probably down to a) you’re too ugly or b) you’re not ugly enough… Depending on what role you have in mind you can lump yourself into one of those two camps :P .

Will you be applying to be an extra in The Hobbit? If so, just for discussion’s sake, which role would you hope to get?

As stated, shooting on The Hobbit is set to start sometime in mid-2010. Part 1 is set to be released in theaters in December 2011, with Part 2 following a year later in December 2012.

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