(Source: Hollywood.com) HitFix is reporting today that James Cameron’s highly anticipated Avatar could be a shoo-in for a handful of Golden Globe nominations.

A screening on Monday produced “very reliable sources” who said that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was incredibly positive about the film.

HF says it’s now very likely that Avatar could be nominated in both the Best Picture, Drama and Best Director categories when the Golden Globe nominations are announced next Tuesday.

HF surmises that an entry by Avatar could push expected Globe nominees such as The Hurt Locker or An Education out of the Best Picture, Drama race (which would be kind of ironic given that Cameron was once married to Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow…).

Additionally, as HF notes, this could push Avatar into serious consideration for one of those 10 Best Picture Oscar slots.

With the Globes nominations coming out three days before the film, Avatar’s presence among the nominees could also help put its debut weekend over the top. The film is already tracking at a $60 million plus debut, according to HF, and critical kudos could “boost interest among those on the fence about the genre flick.”

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