(Source: RopeOfSilicon.com) I just received a press release from a PR firm representing Hollywood.com with what they have determined to be the “Top 10 Most Significant Movie Developments of the Past Decade” and it’s an interesting list to ponder and outside of a couple of the selections I agree with most all of it. However, it is quite obvious the biggest influence over the last decade has been the Internet, but before adding any more comments, here’s the list as determined by Hollywood.com:

1. The evolution of social media (Twitter, blogs) to propel box office numbers
2. The advancement of Computer-Generated Imaging
3. The rise of 3D films and IMAX theaters
4. The creation of Netflix, as well as the ability to download movies before they are available on DVD or Blu-Ray
5. The launch of online ticket sales
6. The major influx of movies based on comics
7. Fantasy books made into major feature films including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter
8. The surge in piracy (Remember the X-Men Origins: Wolverine leak?)
9. The rise of the Fanboy and nerd culture as movies targeted this influential demo
10. The development of High Definition technology and Blu-Ray

Full Article: RopeOfSilicon.com

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