(Source:┬álvbusinesspress.com) Canada-based Avrio Filmworks Inc. opened a filming and production facility in Las Vegas, hoping to attract national and international producers and to capitalize on the city’s brand.

Avrio Studios will offer postproduction capabilities as well as feature Southern Nevada’s largest Cyc, a shooting stage with curved angles used to create scenes with visual effects. Commonly referred to as a “green screen,” this stage lets movie makers digitally add background scenery, moving the action, for example, to the top of the Empire State Building or to the bottom of the ocean. The stage runs 275 linear feet, which according to owner Michael Derbas, is compatible with top Cyc studios in California. The 23,000-square-foot facility is part of the new 100,000-square-foot Avrio Walnut Center.

“Had we had this studio several years ago, CSI would have stayed in town,” said Skip Burrows, an industry veteran involved in the design of the high-tech stage. He hopes the facility will serve as a catalyst for Southern Nevada filmmaking. At least a dozen smaller facilities already operate in Las Vegas and two large studios are potentially in the works.

“With a green-screen facility, they, too, have a place to start,” Burrows said. “We can all work together.”

That is also part of the vision for Derbas.

“The concept was to build a media center where a producer from out of town could shoot and edit under one roof,” he said. “It is perfect for shooting visual effects that require a green screen. To that we add multilingual service and ability to rent equipment, props and customize the space to meet their requirements.”

Derbas brings more than 25 years of experience to the venture, with credits as a director of photography or camera operator for “The X-Files,” “The Odyssey,” and “Gold Diggers,” among other films. He is in talks to have major networks and other companies use the facility to film episodes of TV series, music videos, commercials, and other broadcast content. Cost-effectiveness and turnkey operation are among the key draws, he said.

“It is important that productions have no down time,” Derbas said. “If you are efficient in what you do and ensure that there is no down, they will love you for it.”

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