(SOURCE: dreamcareer.info) This is a tentative schedule of the events for the Visual Effects Supervisor’s Boot Camp.

7:30pm   Opening reception
Meet students and instructors and have some pizza.
At Saggio’s, 107 Cornell SE

Saturday, December 5

8:00am- Script breakdown and budgeting
Learn how to break down a script for visual effects purposes and budget effects shots.

9:30am -Shooting Stills
Shooting panoramas and HDRI probes, working with the Nodal Ninja nodal offset head

11:00am-The Location Shoot
Set etiquette for visual effects supervisors, understanding crew positions, camera, lighting and grip equipment and shooting plates with the Red One Camera

4:00pm – Green Screen & Studio Shooting
More work with the Red One Camera, shooting compositing elements

7:00pm- Motion Capture
Setting up an infrared camera system for motion capture, directing stunt actors, facial motion capture, working with BVH data

Saturday, December 6

8:00am LiDAR Capture
Shooting large exterior elements for pre-vis and set extensions with LiDAR

11:30 Boot Camp Wrap Up Session
Q & A, working with data, students receive hard drives and certificates of completion

Full Article: http://dreamcareer.info/archives/223

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