(Source: yourlocalguardian.co.uk) A charitable trust, set up following the death of man who died while filming for the Batman film, The Dark Knight, is being launched on Thursday at the Half Moon pub in Putney.

The Conway Wickliffe Trust (CWT) aims to raise funds so underprivileged children around the world can buy their first musical instrument or other creative materials.

Conway Wickliffe, a special effects technician born in New Zealand, died in a tragic accident while working on the film on September 24, 2007, in Chertsey, Surrey.

While filming a test run for a scene, the vehicle he was a passenger in collided with a tree and was killed instantly.

The movie, which also used Battersea Power Station as a filming location, was jointly dedicated to the memory of Conway and the film’s leading man Heath Ledger – who died in January 2008, shortly after filming ended.

The CWT was established by his partner Dee Chase, Wickliffe’s partner of 22 years, and friend Pavan Sharda, of Putney.

Dee Chase, principal of the new Trust, which is being established in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, said Conway was an enthusiastic musician and artist.

She said: “Conway felt that, even in the most difficult of times, music and the arts should be central to the lives of children.

“He came from an underprivileged background and it was his enthusiasm for creativity that enabled him to seize his opportunities and achieve his goals.

“We want to reflect his Maori roots in sharing and giving something back, so that others can share that enthusiasm. We are proud to be doing this in Conway’s name.”

There are a small number of resell tickets for tonight’s gig – which features a traditional Maori welcome and is headlined by London band, Sweet Gorilla.

Mr Sharda said: “Every child should have the right to pursue his or her creativity, based on personal interests and skills. Our aim is to make it possible for kids who cannot help themselves to take that first step.”

The group is planning more events in the new year.

For more on the gig and the trust visit conwaywickliffetrust.com.

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