(Source: awn.com)  VFXmarketplace.com is opening up to supply the the global visual effects industry after a successful beta phase, VFXmarketplace.com makes it easy to outsource basic visual effects. VFX houses post their requirements, and accredited suppliers from around the world compete to win the work.

Tim Webber, Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor and co-founder said: “We created the business when we realised that VFX houses were always struggling to find the right artists and organisations to outsource to. We’re a bit like a dating agency. We help match up the organisations who have excess work, with the artists and organisations who have the right skills and want to do the work. We’ve got artists all over the world, from Australia to the Ukraine, supplying great visual effects.”

Suppliers can only access the work once they have passed a strict accreditation process. They are continually rated on their work by the buyers, creating a “SupplierScore” – a high SupplierScore signalling quality and reliability.

Peter Horne, Managing Director and co-founder said: \u201cOur buyers love it. They can find great quality work that is delivered reliably, and our competitive tendering means that they always get the work at a great price. We’ve been developing the website since January and have built tools to make it easy to outsource visual effects services such as paint, roto, tracking and modelling. VFX houses get flexible capacity on tap.”

An artist commented: “I work as a freelance Compositor, but I also have a hell of a lot of experience doing roto and prep to a very high standard for major films. The service your company offers would be perfect for me so I am very eager to join up”

VFXmarketplace is more than just an auction website. It has a robust pipeline, supported by Nuke from The Foundry. This enables the Buyers and suppliers to easily transfer material in a standardised, efficient way. It has also developed web based communication and production tools to help with specifying work, commenting on work-in-progress and tracking the progress of shots.

Buyers and suppliers should register now at: vfxmarketplace.com

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