(Source:┬ástuff.co.nz) Oscar-winning director James Cameron is so taken with Wellington’s film industry that “it is the one place in the world” where he wants to make his next movie.

Weta co-founder Richard Taylor said Cameron, who directed Titanic and Avatar, had the choice of going to “the most sophisticated film-making centres with the world’s largest sound stages . . . and greatest technology”.

“But he comes to Wellington and stands up in front of the crew and says that after searching the world, this is the one place in the world that he wanted to make his next movie.

“That is a signature that something very special is happening in . . . this city and it is an attractor for some of the most powerful business and film-makers that are out there.”

Taylor worked with Cameron on the 3D epic Avatar which was shot in several locations including Wellington and Los Angeles, where Cameron has a base.

“Cameron’s production office was in Santa Monica, his shooting stages were way over . . . near the airport. You had hours of travel each day just to get your day’s work done.

“So having everything small and tight, within one community, makes for an incredibly fluid film-making experience for a client that may turn up in Wellington.”

Taylor made his comments at a forum on Friday, organised by business group Enterprise Miramar Peninsula which was looking at the future of the area.

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