(Source: snitchseeker.com) Via his Twitter account Oliver Phelps has revealed that he has become the first British actor to receive a VFX MOVA facial capture scan, while working on Deathly Hallows.

Right then MOVA is a system where by using 29 cameras and UV makeup and lighting can get very detailed motions of ones face.

Contour employs two separate-yet-synchronized camera systems to simultaneously record visual and geometric information of the subject. These two sets of data are combined to result in a high-resolution 3-D digital image. With this innovative, markerless, optics-based process, every subtle detail of a human performance from an arching eyebrow to widening eyes to a sly smile is recorded in real time, offering directors and producers a level of creative control that has never existed before. In essence, Contour ties together the traditional world of cinematography with digital computer animation, expanding the possibilities for both motion picture and video game makers.

Contour’s high-definition, 3-D, volumetric representation of the action can be imported, modified, manipulated or retargeted to other characters using off-the-shelf CGI animation software. Contour can quickly and easily import true human behavior in all its distinct complexity into the virtual realm and works well with both marker-based motion capture and key frame animation systems.

Traditional marker-based motion capture is used to create incredibly realistic performances for skeletal captures, but was never designed to capture the intricacies of soft tissue motion, like pursing lips or billowing fabric. Contour captures the motion of any 3-D surface, deformable or not, with sub-millimeter precision at up to 120 frames second, at a resolution of over 100,000 polygons per frame. The result is a totally real, digitized performance that requires minimal manual clean up.

Previous movies that have used such equipment include; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Eragon and Hulk

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