(digitalartsonline.co.uk) District 9 is set in South Africa, where a crashed spaceship dumps a large number of interstellar refugees — and explores the tensions between the communities of humans and aliens before heading off in traditional thriller direction. Its visual style is based around realistic portrayal of the refugee camps where the aliens live, with the aliens skillfully composited into the scene without looking life traditional flashy VFX.

Having just come off of completing the Mark 1 sequence for Iron Man, the Exo-suit scene in District 9 was a perfect fit for The Embassy. The Exo-suit is a very sophisticated piece of alien weaponry, essentially a larger-than-life mechanized suit of armour controlled by its wearer. The Embassy co-founder Winston Helgason spent one month on set in Johannesburg, South Africa supervising the sequence shoot.

Full Article w/Pics: www.digitalartsonline.co.uk

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