(Source:┬ácinematical.com) Seeing what Terry Gilliam can do with a good budget and technology — namely the fantastical worlds he created for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with its sky of flicking jellyfish, towering stilts, and a rainbow world of shoes — I began to wonder what the filmmaker could do to help more mainstream work. What if the next 3D blockbuster had worlds seen through Gilliam’s eyes? What if the next animated film tapped into Gilliam’s imagination?

Looks like he is, at least a little bit, thinking the same thing. /Film recently attended a BFI talk with Gilliam, and the filmmaker expressed his interest in Pixar. After noting their creativity, he supposedly said he wants to work for the studio, has asked Andrew Stanton to “hold the door open” for him, and that he’d go so far as to “sweep the floors” to be in Pixar’s cinematic environment.

Perhaps the fangirl in me is bubbling over a bit, but thinking of Gilliam in Pixar brings to mind Dali and Disney’s Destino. While I’m not suggesting that the filmmaker is a modern-day Dali, my imagination is in overdrive, imagining a Pixar subdivision where Gilliam makes strictly adult animation, where the artistry of his imagination could know no bounds. The studio’s flare for mainstream creativity mixed with Gilliam’s mind could be explosive — tightening his stories for a mainstream crowd while delighting in his vision. Certain mixes just work beautifully. Dali proved to be the perfect addition to the Disney world, and I’m betting Gilliam could bring a similar creative imagination to Pixar.

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