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(Source: TUAW) Booyah is a company I’ve had my eye on for a while — they’re a couple of veterans from Blizzard Entertainment (makers of the popular Diablo and World of Warcraft games, two of my favorites) who have been teasing a big-time iPhone app. Just today, they’ve finally showed their cards, and have released Booyah Society, a 3D, interactive, social network-connected “achievement system for life.” If that sounds like an idea that’s pretty floaty, you probably heard it right.

Basically it’s a game system that more or less overlays on what you’re already posting to Facebook and Twitter. If you do anything from conquering a new videogame to doing a new exercise to visiting a new restaurant, you can earn achievements and points for an ingame avatar and scoreboard. In essence, they’re aiming to take the things we already tell each other we’re doing, and put this game/scoring system on top of that. There are plans to use the iPhone’s hardware to do some self-reporting (GPS to track where you’ve been), but for now, everything’s basically on the honor system.

Will it work? Who knows. The app is available for free right now, and they’re planning to include microtransactions in the future to let you buy things to dress up your avatar with, as well as looking at partnerships with other business (i.e., you can get a certain achievement by going to Wendy’s and ordering some fries). Very interesting — as with most social app ideas, this one seems like it’ll make or break it based on who chooses to play it faithfully. They’ve got quite a pedigree with the Blizzard background, and built-in audiences with Facebook and Twitter integration, but whether or not people will find themselves invested in tracking these achievements and scoring points for their avatars, only time will tell.

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