(Source: originalprop.com) “Monsterpalooza – The Art of Monsters” will be held at the Burbank Airport Marritt Hotel & Convention Center May 29-21, 2009.  This 3-day event is “dedicated to the art of monsters and the artists that create them”.

The convention will showcase the work of artists and illustrators, sculptors, and other professionals.

Below is a partial list of attendees:

  • KNB EFX: Award winning FX company, Sin City, Grindhouse, Narnia, From Dusk Till Dawn
  • ADI: Alien vs Predator, Race to Witch Mountain, X-Men Origins
  • Chiodo Brothers: Critters, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Gremlins
  • Bernie Wrightson: Legendary 2D artist
  • Jordu Schell: Creature designer for major motion pictures.
  • William Malone: Director – Masters of Horror, House on Haunted Hill
  • Sandy Collora: Batman Dead End, soon to be released Hunter Prey
  • Basil Gogos: Versatile painter and cover artist for Famous Monsters of Filmland
  • James Warren: Warren Publications, Creepy and Eerie, Famous Monsters of Filmland
  • William Stout: Conceptual artist
  • Lon Chaney Entertainment
  • Don Post Studios
  • Vern Langdon: Makeup artist, music producer
  • Michael Rooker: Henry-Portrait of a Serial Killer, Cliff Hanger, Slither
  • Leslie Easterbrook: Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Police Academy, Devil’s Rejects
  • Walter Phelan: Devils Reject’s, From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Marshell Bell: Starship Troopers, Total Recall
  • Lou Wagner: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes
  • Tom Morga: Friday the 13th V, Halloween 4
  • Leslie Hoffman: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Trek
  • James Duval: Donnie Darko, Independence Day
  • Chris Durand: Halloween H2O, Resident Evil 3

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