(Source: money.cnn.com) Hudson Canyon Entertainment Group Inc. has secured the rights to the next animated children’s project from Japan’s SHOPRO Company. The new series is titled “Gakkizoo” and offers Hudson Canyon the opportunity to produce the program, feature films and placing it for all ancillary licensing income from toys, games through to T-Shirts. Hudson Canyon is already in serious negotiations with several companies for the making of “Gakkizoo”; among them is Canadian-based Cookie Jar, who is one of the largest independent Animation companies in the world having just bought DIC, another large Animation company out of the United States, for a reported $70 plus million dollars. Shopro along with its partners developed and made the MULTI-BILLION dollar long running series “Pokémon.” Hudson Canyon and Shopro believe the worldwide appeal of “Gakkizoo” will have similar success from TV, Merchandising, educational toys, etc. Tom Van Dell and Rob Kahane were quoted as saying, “We are very excited about this new business development as it affords us the opportunity to produce our current projects as well as moving forward on several projects that are close to completion. We also are looking forward to Key Content acquisitions that will add tremendous value to Hudson Canyon.”

Special FX will be rendered by co-production partner White Knuckle Entertainment with Special Effects by Kerner Optical (formerly known as Industrial Light and Magic of George Lucas fame) of San Rafael, CA. The company was behind the special FX for such classics as “Star Wars,” “War of the Worlds,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Men in Black,” “Jurassic Park” and “Harry Potter.” The film will be filmed in both 2D and 3D. “Sleepaway Camp REUNION 3D” follows the successful release via Magnet/Magnolia of “Return to Sleepaway Camp” in November 2008.

Full Article: money.cnn.com

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