(Source: TUAW) Sirius XM has revealed a screen shot of the soon to be released iPhone/iPod touch app that will stream the satellite channels to eager listeners. The image of the upcoming app was part of an SEC filing that was included in a PowerPoint presentation shown at a recent shareholder meeting.

The app, which is expected to be free, will require a US$3.00/month streaming subscription for current subscribers, and a US$13.00 monthly fee for non-subscribers. No specific release date is known, but it is thought to be very soon.

The company says the app will deliver music channels, sports, talk, news and comedy programming. We’ve already reported that Sirius had expected to offer the application this spring.

The satellite company has been in financial difficulties and has been losing subscribers faster than it is signing up new ones. The weak economy and drop off in new car sales are an especially tough environment to grow the business. The merger of XM and Sirius was generally thought to have been handled badly, and many people dropped their subscriptions, which has given a boost to internet radio and services like Pandora and Last.fm, although neither service is easily accessible in a car.

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