(Source: TUAW) This seems to be the week for that magical intersection of Apple and art.

On Wednesday TUAW highlighted a Warhol serigraphthat’s up for auction at a gallery in Portland, Oregon; now TUAW reader Tristan tipped us off to a post on the Daily Mail website about renowned British artist David Hockney using an iPhone to create mini paintings.

The 71-year-old Hockney has had his iPhone for 4 months and is cranking out small paintings which he sends to friends. Among his favorite subjects for “finger painting” on his iPhone are landscapes and flowers. The flower paintings are sent to friends as “fresh flowers” that last a long time.

Hockney likes to use his iPhone in bed to send out illustrated art lectures, and has a tiny easel on which the iPhone sits when he’s working on his little masterpieces. There’s no word on whether or not Apple will begin selling the easels as an iPhone accessory in their retail stores.

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