(Source: reelzchannel.com)   How many exclamation points are there in Avatar? For most fans, and even for jaded journalists at the New York Times, it is clearly a lot. The Times surveyed the growing hype around Avatar this weekend and concluded that about the only thing it is not reasonably expected to do is cure cancer. A lot of the focus is on the new 3-D technology that is being taken out for its first real field test in Avatar. The breathless response of a technology writer for Time who got to see just the first 15 minutes of the movie is a fair sample:

“It was like doing some kind of drug,” he said, describing a scene in which the movie’s hero, played by Sam Worthington, ran around “with this kind of hot alien chick” was attacked by jaguarlike creatures and was sprinkled with sprites that floated down, like snowflakes…. “You feel like the little feathery things are landing on your arm.”

As if that weren’t enough, the article points to suggestions that Avatar and its 3-D successors may have “the power to penetrate the brain” in a way that 2-D movies never have, perhaps even passing the “uncanny valley,” a supposed point at which an image blurs perception of reality enough to strike the viewer as “zombielike, or not quite right.” Makers of zombie flicks, take note!

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