(Source: marinij.com)  Dorianne Tanaka doesn’t speak Klingon. She can’t list the four founding members of the United Federation of Planets. And despite her fondness for the original “Star Trek” series, the Lucas Valley resident said she has little interest in its spin-offs, such as “Voyager,” “Enterprise” or even “Next Generation.”

Yet Tanaka isn’t surprised that auto insurance company Esurance has chosen her as the nation’s biggest Trekkie.

“Traditionally, people think of ‘Star Trek’ fans as having detailed knowledge of every episode,” said Tanaka, dressed in the short red uniform of communication officer Lt. Uhura. “To me, it’s more about capturing the values of the show: respect, love, courage. That’s what made a lasting impression on me. That’s what we included in our fan film.”

Tanaka and her family won the Esurance contest – and a trip Thursday to the Hollywood premiere of the new “Star Trek” film at Mann’s Chinese Theater – by creating a short film demonstrating their dedication to the franchise.

“The point of the film is that Dorianne is passing to ‘the next generation’ a condition called ‘Trekitis,’” said David Tanaka, Dorianne’s husband. “Our son Mitchell is the star of the piece. The movie itself has a new, younger cast taking over the roles (of characters like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock), so it seemed the logical thing to do.”

Dorianne Tanaka beat out 75 competitors to win the contest.

“Overall, the originality of Dori’s video was very appealing to us,” said Melissa

Chapman, brand manager for San Francisco-based Esurance. “The fact that she went the extra mile and coined the phrase ‘Trekitis’ to describe avid ‘Star Trek’ fans was very clever. … Her creativity really set her apart from the rest of the pack.”

Making the film wasn’t much of a stretch for David Tanaka, an editor for animation giant Pixar who previously worked for Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ special effects company. The film shows the Tanakas’ son Mitchell acting as the unflappable Mr. Spock, mind-melding with his younger brother Benjamin and performing the Vulcan nerve-pinch on an annoying classmate.

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