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This is a motorized, fully-articulated R2-D2 projector with built-in DVD/CD player, surround sound system, iPod Dock, connections for every kind of media input, USB, multi-flash card readers, AND it includes a Millenium Falcon remote control. Oh, and it will ‘lie’ back to 260 degrees of rotation to project on your ceiling. Trust me, you can only fully appreciate the scope of what this can do if you watch the video. Only $2995.

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  1. junk — April 22, 2009 @ 3:29 pm

    This is no doubt way cool and fun. But highly impractical, sadly. I’ve seen it do it’s thing at a few conventions over the last two years – it was a prototype, but the remote was very flimsy and the projection is just not… um… well, I don’t know. We have tv sets. Big ones. Unless you like to go camping and you want to bring R2 with you to project your copy of Tropic Thunder into your tent, I’m just not sure anyone will ever actually use this thing.

    Though having R2 roam the house at a party with your ipod blasting is pretty neat. Though I’m note sure he can roam around on his own. Don’t think so.

    I woulda totally blown cash on this back in the day – he’s roughly the cost of a brand spanking new pinball machine.

    But now… I think the youtube video is enough. :P

    I’d rather spend that exact amount of money to have someone build me a life-size, remote controlled R2. And from what I’ve seen from the robotics guilds online — it would actually cost much less.

    That said, if anyone buys this thing, I wanna come visit!!!

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