(Source: TUAW) There’s a whole lot of promise in the Watchmen: Justice is Coming game for iPhone/iPod touch. Unfortunately, the game is beset by some bugs and gameplay fumbles. The more I played, the more I got used to the quirks, but eventually there’s a certain monotony to the game that left me rather unsatisfied. Hopefully, as Mike reported, Last Legion Games will take note and keep improving the experience. I’m not saying it is bad — it is an amazing glimpse into the power of Apple’s mobile platform — but it’s more a tech demo at this point than finished game.

The gallery will take you through most everything in the game that I’ve found thus far. Essentially you start with a male or female character, do a cute “personality test” and your stats are generated. Your bikini-clad crimefighter is born, and aside from a username/password for accessing the server, there’s not much customization you can do — yet. As you go through the streets you’re able to check dumpsters, where you’ll pick up more costume parts. As you fight more bad guys (there are preset NPC’s throughout, but you can also challenge other human-powered characters — this is a MMO, after all), you’ll get more experience and you can eventually level up and enhance various skills.

Life in the game is simple, but there’s a story too. In fact, the game has a point system based on your random adventures as well as points for the story. So you can ditch the story and wander around, or you can focus on finding your sister. I won’t spoil any more of the story, but it’s not bad, and the progression is well done. If you’re a fan of the GTA series, where you can wander around or go on missions, you may be a little disappointed. There aren’t missions, really. Just one story arc and a bunch of random encounters to be had.

I haven’t finished the game, but I will say that, after I rebooted my iPhone to stop the incessant crashing, I find myself playing Watchmen every other day or so. Keep reading for more about the good, the bad, and the ugly in Watchmen: Justice is Coming.

Gallery of gameplay photos: Watchmen: Justice is Coming

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