With everyone in fear of losing their jobs these days, the Star Tours 2 project was brought back out of the closet and is being worked on once again to prove that the department staff is needed because they are still in the middle of a major project.

While there is no solid timeline set for it yet, there are some issues going on between Disneyland and Disney World management over this new attraction. Disneyland wants the full fledged, crank the knob up to 11, full of new in-cabin special effects version of Star Tours 2. Orlando on the other hand, always ready to snip away at attraction budgets, is asking for a more bare-bones, no-frills version, and to reuse as much of what’s already installed as possible version. Ironically, in an effort to push this thing along, both may get their wish, with Orlando being willing to put in the low-budget version while Disneyland installs a version of many cool new effects. What could help or hurt the scheduling here however is just how willing the Oriental Land Company is to get involved in the project as well, providing additional cost-sharing capital to the project which would help them all move into production more quickly.

The latest buzz from our sources about the Star Tours 2 project is that installation could begin now in early to mid 2010 and shooting for a late 2010 or early 2011 grand opening. This is all very early and not set in stone, so expect this schedule to shift quite a bit before it is locked down. This is also only the current proposed schedule for the WDW version  there no telling if the Disneyland version will follow the same timetable, go early or go late.

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