Things go fast in the iPhone world. Yesterday, I posted about Nate True’s scrolling dock application. Today brings an entirely new generation of Dock. Dock 2.0 introduces a sunshine-bright hot spot on your iPhone’s lower right corner. Drag out from there and the iPhone presents you with a curved selection arc. Move your finger along the arc to choose an application to open. The currently selected application echos just below the arc so you know which item you’re selecting. It’s a lot easier to use than it sounds and feels a lot like picking a name in the address book using the A-Z slide control.

And now the downside. The iPhone has little tolerance for running more than one non-Springboard application at a time. (For whatever reason, it refers to these applications as UnknownPurpleApps.) When more than one purple app attempt to launch, they conflict and the new app will not run. So what does this mean? When using Dock 2.0, you cannot use the screen shot utility or many other command-line apps.

You can easily enable and disable Dock 2.0 by using launchctl GUI. Select com.natetrue.dock and choose unload -w to toggle it off or load -w to switch it back on.

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