It has been slow and steady on the new Star Wars TV show and now finally we have an update. From ThinkHero comes word that the live action Star Wars show has begun casting. It is being called a mix between Deadwood and Sopranos which is an interesting way to define a Live Action Star Wars show. I am VERY excited to see how well this one does or does not pan out and have high hopes for it to bring new life to my all time favorite enterprise in film.

Many many months ago Steve Sansweet who works for Lucas Arts told MTV that the new Star Wars TV series would be hitting in 2010 and would include some familiar faces. It is however important to note that this story has changed a few times, with the release date originally being 2009.

A few years back it was announced George Lucas will turn his attentions more to television projects, including two Star Wars-themed series. At the annual Siggraph computer graphics conference and tradeshow the director confirmed that Lucasfilm is already at work on the two “Star Wars” TV-series. George Lucas said “Lucasfilm is going more into television, but it’s not a vision I’m running, either as executive producer or by laying out the groundwork.”

About the Star Wars TV-series now is known that the first series is a 3-D animated Clone Wars series that will be made at Lucas Animation’s Singapore facility. George Lucas said that he will start scouring Asia for talent and then is trying to build up 3-D animation there. “It’s also a way for me to get my foot into anime, which I like”, Lucas added.

And it looks as if the┬áStar Wars live-action series will be done in a “cheaper” way. He said: “We’re going do something that would normally cost $20 million-$30 million and try to do it for $1 million.” According to the director, the series will be shot on a Sony digital camera system that anyone can buy at an electronics store.

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