According to a UCLA study, California’s film industry is the state’s second largest polluter, with only the oil industry having a greater negative impact on the environment. However, according to the BPM Forum study, more than 53 percent of companies don’t have or don’t know if they have a corporate sustainability agenda in place. And lack of awareness of business benefits was identified as the top challenge to environmental sustainability.

The data shows, however, that while the digital media industry understands the benefits, there are significant perceived obstacles in adopting Think Eco-logical practices, such as an unwillingness to compromise technology productivity (60 percent), costs of efficiencies (58 percent) and lack of awareness of benefits (50 percent).

“Media businesses are facing huge increases in IT infrastructure and storage capacity requirements as entertainment and distribution go increasingly digital,” said Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the BPM Forum. “Public and industry peer pressure to act ecologically is mounting in parallel, and it’s time that these companies take swift action with green practices not only to maintain a positive image, but to drive improvements to their bottom line.”

With huge production facilities and distribution networks pushing massive amounts of data — downloads, streaming video, renderings, animation, etc. — digital media & entertainment companies stand to gain huge benefits from ecological improvements to IT infrastructure. Coughlin Associates, a data storage consulting group, predicts a 10X increase in required digital storage capacity and over 8X growth in storage capacity shipments per year by 2012 in the digital media & entertainment industry.

“We are encouraged that the awareness levels are higher to make change in greening the data center within digital media,” said George Skaff, vice president of marketing at Rackable Systems. “We think that there are real efficiency benefits that can be achieved by these companies in the short term to overcome their perceived obstacles and to achieve the desired environmental, social, and economic benefits.”

“The Think Eco-Logical campaign promotes real world business benefits and environmental sustainability,” said Lorie Wigle, General Manager Intel® Eco-Technology. “Rackable Systems, Intel and others in the industry are developing energy-efficient, high-performance solutions that will help companies reach Think Eco-Logical goals.”


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