After more box office than meets the eye (ha ha), everyone is expecting a Transformers 2. However, these movies take time and with several guild strikes looming next year, it is unlikely we will see the Autobots again any time soon.

“The facts are that everyone is saying there will be [a strike],” said producer Don Murphy. “Lots of ideas are being pitched around. I suspect there will be one but the strike thing kind of confuses everyone. When would we have to start? There’s no script. How would we be done by end of June?”

Murphy is positive there will be a sequel. It is just that development is likely to be held up with talent unavailable to proceed with development. “What we’re expecting is that the Writer’s Guild who’s up in October will just magically elect to push until June which is when SAG is up. They’ll all go on strike together. With no writers, you can’t do any development.”


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