Morgan Freeman told the MTV Movies Blog that he still intends to make a movie based on Arthur C. Clarke’s classic SF book Rendezvous With Rama, which he’s been trying to launch for years.

The book deals with an Earth mission in the 22nd century to find out what is behind the mysterious arrival of a 30-mile-long alien spacecraft that has appeared in the solar system.

“I play the captain of the spaceship Endeavor that is charged with rendezvousing with this thing from outer space to find out what it is [and] what its intentions are,” Freeman told the site.

Freeman has long been developing the movie with director David Fincher (Alien 3).

“It’s a very intellectual science fiction film, a very difficult book to translate cinematically.” Freeman said. “[At least] we have found it very difficult to translate, to get ready for film.” He added about the cerebral story: “There are no guns, no explosions. Although it’s fiction, it’s all based on pure science.”

Freeman added: “But it’s worth doing. We’re still at it.”

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