The exciting world of film and video game production is an ever-changing, ever-evolving one, which is why the cutting-edge ADAPT 2007 job fair is the perfect way for you to find work with some of the biggest companies in the industry.

In Montreal from Sept. 24 to 28 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the event features close to 2,500 digital artists from around the world, 40 digital art masters, an art expo, a theatre, a job fair and more. The conference’s keynote speaker is award-winning visual effects supervisor and animation pioneer Phil Tippett, known for his work on movies like The Empire Strikes Back and Jurassic Park, as well as being the developer of the animation technique known as Go-Motion. Tippet had this to say about the conference: “I am honoured to have been invited to this conference to share some of my experience as a filmmaker… I intend to bring along fond memories from where we’ve been, advantages of the current digital age and some trepidation toward the future.”

According to Jean-Eric Henault, director and co-founder of the ADAPT Conference, Montreal is the ideal city for an event of this magnitude. “Montreal and Canada have always been at the forefront of the digital revolution in films and video games. Part of the conference’s mission is to attract world-renowned companies to set up shop in Montreal. So far, we have received many hints that last year’s two-day event already attracted several high-profile projects for local companies, generating millions in revenues and dozens of good jobs.” So, you can actually get a job at ADAPT?
“Yes. In the job fair, we expect between 20 and 30 companies in all, most of them local, but we do have a few international studios like Disney, Bungie, LucasArts and Ubisoft who will also come to recruit.” Henault, when asked what candidates should bring (besides their reel – NTSC DVD only – portfolio and resum√©), added: “Talent! It doesn’t matter how smart or educated you are. At the end, it’s your portfolio that counts.”

For more information about the conference schedule, costs, new announcements or the master’s programs offered at ADAPT (which, Henault says, “are worth nearly three years of production experience for anyone who attends”), visit their website,, which, as you can imagine, is pretty well designed.

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