Danny Gorog at APC Magazine has written a really nice analysis of something that’s rather strange when you think about it — why aren’t there any high definition DVD drives on Macs yet? It has been asked for by a few folks, but by and large, Apple has pretty much ignored the whole high definition debate. And even now, when we supposedly have a winner in Blu-ray, Apple hasn’t pulled the trigger, and consumers, as Gorog notes, haven’t even really cared much.

In fact, across the entire PC market there’s not a lot of wholehearted support for Blu-ray or any major high definition formats. It’s not that DVDs are “good enough” — HDTVs are selling by the truckloads — it’s more that consumers, apparently, just don’t want to settle on another format. And that may be the key to this whole thing — Apple has a vested interest in selling content, and implementing some other content producer’s format into their machines will take away from their best HD content channel yet: iTunes.

And customers, happy to not have to buy yet another permanent format of their favorite movies, may be satisfied with having no next-generation disc format. I, like many users, have already watched tons of HD video without ever having bought a Blu-ray disc. If Apple doesn’t need the drives to deliver the same quality content, why should they bother?

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