The latest incarnation of Digital Domain, arguably (yeah, I’ll argue with you about it) one of the VFX industry’s major studios, has recently launched their new site and logo (I overheard more than one person saying that the logo is a bit too reminiscent of Chanel as they passed the DD booth at Siggraph. I’ll leave the “double D” part the of logo alone for you to ponder yourself).

For you budding VFX artists, they have included a plethora of behind-the-scenes Quicktime movies for your viewing pleasure.  You can find them at > Features > Behind The Scenes.

Digital Domain has a long and rocky history. The studio was originally opened by three heavy hitters in the film industry: James CameronStan Winston & Scott Ross (who was president of ILM at the time). But after being, shall we say “less than pleased”, with his company during VFX post-production on Titanic, Cameron swore he wanted nothing more to do with Digital Domain and summarily sold his stake in the company. Stan Winston followed suit. And in the ensuing years Digital Domain worked primarily on commericals and a few smaller effects films.

However, the studio is currently undergoing a rebirth of sorts at the moment. A couple months ago the Digital Domain was bought by Michael Bay, who proceeded to steal some of the major players away from ILM to run the company (while ILM was in production on Bay’s Transformers no less). Is any of this sounding familiar? Blockbuster movie director starts his own VFX studio by pillaging the current leader of the industry. One would think that Bay might at least had a conversation with Cameron before going down this road. Let’s just hope its not a case of history repeating itself.

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