(In addition to the following information regarding changes to Siggraph 2008, next year they will begin holding “Siggraph Asia” which will move around from country to country in the area from year to year. It is still unknown what impact this will have on the main Siggraph conference in the US)

After attracting 24,043 to San Diego last week for SIGGRAPH 2007, the 34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, the 2008 edition will institute fundamental conference changes “to bring attendees a synergistic, educational experience resulting from a content selection process that affords focus on timely industry themes rather than strictly on presentation type. The conference changes will be enacted in 2008 and are also anticipated to further foster more fluid cross-program collaboration.”

SIGGRAPH 2008, with the theme Evolve, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center. The conference will take place Aug. 11-15, with the exhibition occurring Aug. 12-14.

“The education marketplace is changing. SIGGRAPH leadership understands this and is actively addressing the issue by developing an education experience for computer graphics professionals that cannot, and need not, be duplicated in any other event,” said Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference chair from IBM Watson Research. “If an industry professional can afford to attend only one event a year, SIGGRAPH will be that all encompassing, one-stop event.”

SIGGRAPH 2008 will have a streamlined, cohesive conference committee structure that facilitates multi-year planning and continuity, and enables a multi-disciplinary approach for content delivery to attendees. The conference program areas are: Arts, Encounter, Entertainment, Industry Relations, Interactive Technologies, Operations, Production, Professional & Educational Development and Research. The Papers Program and Computer Animation Festival will be maintained.

According to Martino, professional education and networking needs are evolving beyond a traditional conference configuration and SIGGRAPH is poised to evolve with those needs. With the exception of the Papers Program and the Computer Animation Festival, attendees will move through the conference by theme, and traditional barriers will disappear. They will be able to navigate throughout desired exhibits and conference elements without needing to enter several different areas of the Convention Center.

This fluidity of conference elements will continue after leaving SIGGRAPH 2008. The attendee experience will grow throughout the year from the enhanced number of contacts attendees can make at SIGGRAPH 2008 and the pervasive nature of content dissemination not just during, but also after the event.

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