Although wearables that control your iPod are far from new, Korean-based JWin is hoping to lure in the beach goers by developing an iPod-friendly bikini top. Reportedly, the tops come with the play / pause, track, and volume controls sewn right in and communicate with a wireless dongle that you insert into your iPod. Interestingly, it’s not stated whether the tops (and more importantly, the electronics) are waterproof, but we’re sure those addicted to tanning won’t mind either way. I’m mostly curious to find out what part of the bikini top you “press” to activate each control, “volume up, volume up, VOLUME UP!!!!”. The use of the phrase “wireless dongle” takes on interesting connotations here.

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  1. Shalan — August 15, 2007 @ 9:43 am

    I’m getting this Bikini TODAY. Sean is going to have a lot of fun discovering where the buttons are.

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