According to DB, Jurassic Park 4 will have gun toting dinosaurs. This is really the WTF moment of the day for sure. The sheer concept of dinosaurs with missles and guns is just beyond ridiculous.

The beard wearing movie wonder, aka Spielberg, sat down quite some time ago at the Q&A with students and talked about his upcoming Jurassic Park IV and Indiana Jones IV and Development Hell got the complete low down. Quote:

"He is working with writers on the script to Jurassic Park IV and says there is going to be a big dinosaur sequence where a pack of motorcycles are forced to out run a bunch of raptors. Spielberg said that just with the other films in the series, he’s going to "cherry pick" certain scenes he loved from the books and include them in the new film."

Not much was said about Indiana Jones IV. He did casually mention that Lucas wants to simultaneously release Indy IV in 3-D.


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