The Dark Knight roller coaster. Where: Six Flags Great Adventure, 1 Six Flags Blvd., Jackson. When: Daily; park hours vary by date. How much: General admission, $49.99; tickets booked online, $39.99. Kids shorter than 54 inches, $29.99.

It’s another Batman summer — both at the movie theaters, and at Six Flags Great Adventure.

The amusement park recently launched “The Dark Knight,” a new indoor roller coaster, this one geared to entertain kids as well as older thrill seekers. (The new Batman movie, also called “The Dark Knight,” opens July 18.)

The $7.5 million new coaster, filled with special effects like flames and video clips, officially opened May 15. “It is the most advanced special effects ride in the park,” said Al Rubano, director of facility maintenance and construction for Six Flags.

All those special effects — and the unusual indoor setting — received rave reviews from early riders.

“I screamed so bad, it was bouncing (echoing) off the walls,” said Kayley Zumsteg, 7 of Barnegat after getting off the ride for the first time.

“It was really fun and had cool effects,” said Dawn Palmieri, 41, of Marlboro. “My kids loved it — they didn’t want to get off. I lost my voice screaming.”

The roller coaster is different from other coasters because it’s enclosed, Palmieri noted. “You couldn’t see what was coming up next, which was the best part.”

There are voice-overs and video clips from the movie featured throughout the ride, which takes passengers past the Gotham City police building and other Batman landmarks.

“I think The Dark Knight offers our guests the best of both worlds,” Rubino said. It is geared for those who like thrill rides, Batman fans and families with children. (Kids must be 42 inches tall to ride with a parent and 48 inches tall to ride alone.)

“I think the ride will have a tremendous entertainment value and be very popular,” he said.

The ride opens with a video “press conference” featuring city fathers discussing plans for Gotham City — until they are rudely interrupted by the villiam of both the ride and the movie, The Joker. This short pre-ride show, featuring snippets of the film, is followed by a trip to a loading area that looks like a subway station. Guests get onto individual subway-like cars and the special effects begin with billboards. The ride lasts one minute and 40 seconds and travels from 14 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour at a vertical drop.

The ride was manufactured by Mack Rides in Germany and replaces Skull Mountain at the park. The same ride also opened in Six Flags Chicago.

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