I’ve set up this site up so you can now ‘digg’ posts (or use other similar sites). The ‘digg’ button doesn’t currently show up on main page of post summaries. If you want to ‘digg’ a post, click the post title (which is also how you see comments) and the ‘digg’ button is at the bottom.

For those of you not familiar with ‘digg‘ type “collection” or “tracking” sites, it is a way to share posts that you think are interesting with others. Basically, you can click on the ‘digg’ button at the bottom of a full post (see above) and it will send a link for that post to the ‘digg’ site as a “popular” post. If you go to the digg site, you’ll see a ‘counter’ next to each post showing how many people ‘digg’ that post. The more popular, the higher it ends up on their page. If you want to find obscure and strange posts that are “hot” at the moment. Digg is a good place to find it.

You can also create your account on ‘digg’ that you can share with friends so you friends can easily see what you’ve been reading. In addition to ‘digg’ I’ve also added buttons for the most popular “collection”/”tracking sites like this: ‘del.icio.us‘, ‘co.mments’, ‘Fark‘, ‘SlashDot‘ and ‘Technorati

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