SIGGRAPH 2008 is excited to announce the second featured speaker for this year’s conference, film director and Irish artist Catherine Owens. Owens, best known for her staging and film work with the Irish band U2, will present “Giving Technology Emotion: From the Artist’s Mind to ‘U2 3D’,” which details her co-directing and producing experiences during production of the film “U2 3D.”

“U2 3D” documents the band’s live performance in South America during their critically acclaimed 2006 Vertigo Tour. It was made for 3D IMAX and 3D Digital theatrical release and is the first digital 3D, multi-camera, real-time production. The film used the largest collection of 3D camera technology ever used on a single project.

In 2005, Owens directed U2’s spellbinding “Original of the Species” video which was nominated for two VH1 Music Video awards in 2006. The video, which explored CG motion capture technology, was in many ways a precursor for her work on “U2 3D,” as both video and film are special effects driven.

“Catherine’s ground-breaking work with “U2 3D” is an excellent example of how our industry continues to evolve and push the boundaries for the next generation,” stated Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. “Even the most complex technologies and films begin with a vision and emotion. Catherine’s work illustrates the artist’s process perfectly – from imagination to fruition.”

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